Constitutionalism and Democracy: A Reply to Stephen Tierney

The People of Scotland are facing a remarkable constitutional and constituent moment. They will decide by referendum if they want to navigate the turbulent waters of the international society separately from the rest of the UK. At this moment, it is important to think about how the constitution of an independent Scotland should be. Despite of the present and particular relevance of the issue, the importance of the ideas and arguments that Professor Tierney exposes in his short work entitled Constituting Scotland: a Retreat from Politics? does not vanish if the majority of Scots vote no in the independence referendum. Considering both the specific and the general relevance of the debate, I will try to offer a response to support the convenience of a written and rigid constitution which empowers the judges whilst ring-fencing the domains of Parliament…

BOSSACOMA, P. “Constitutionalism and Democracy: a Reply to Stephen Tierney”. Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, 11.9.2014.


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Filed under Dret constitucional, Institucions i drets de participació ciutadana, Principi democràtic i sobirania

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